Coffee isn't just for drinking anymore...

Introducing a science-driven line of coffee-infused cosmetics that will get you glowing like you just walked off the beach -- and help protect you from the anti-aging effects of UV rays and normal aging, too!

Every one of our skincare products includes gold star ingredient Coffea Arabica (Organic Green Coffee) Extract, a potent anti-aging antioxidant with more than 10 times the power of green tea to actively combat free radicals. You’ll say buh-bye to dull skin in no time!

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body scrub

What Are The Best Ingredients To Look For In A Body Scrub?

If you take your skincare seriously, then you know that not all exfoliators are created equal: What’s good for the face might not have enough oomph as a body scrub to buff out the skin on the body. And on the other hand, your body exfoliator can be downright overpowering for the face. With that in…

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coffee skin care

What Are The Effects of Sugar and Coffee Skin Care?

If you’ve been wondering about the actual effects of sugar and coffee skin care, you will find today’s post vey informative. For your morning cup of coffee, it’s generally suggested that you skip the sugar, or at least keep it to a minimum. Sugar has a variety of negative impacts on overall health that negative the…

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benefits of organic green coffee

What are the benefits of organic green coffee?

The many benefits of organic green coffee are unknown to many. Any java enthusiast knows that all coffees are not created equal. And just as it’s true for what you put in your cup in the morning, it’s also true for the skin. That’s the reason that, when it comes to your skincare and beauty…

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coffee benefits to skin

The Amazing Benefits of Coffee to Skin

You’ll be amazed after reading the benefits of coffee to skin that we’ve gathered.  Nowadays, most of the attention devoted to coffee revolves around its role as an actual ingredient being incorporated into skincare products. But studies have shown that coffee is not only an excellent exfoliating agent, but also contains unique properties that help…

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Callyssee Coffee Health Benefits - A Look at the Science

Coffee Health Benefits: A Look at the Science

Whether you drink it to wake up in the morning or rub it on your face as part of your skincare routine, coffee’s health benefits are real: this is a powerful bean with a robust, visible impact on your health. The skincare and beauty researchers at Callyssee Cosmetics know this, which is why they’ve made…

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