What are the Healing Properties of Coffee?

Healing Properties of Coffee

Coffee is one of those confusing foods that seems to be good or bad for you depending on which way the wind is blowing on that particular day. Recently, the wind has seemed to swing more permanently in coffee’s favor. A whole host of recent studies have shown the healing properties of coffee.

To help determine the main reason you might want to consider moderate coffee consumption, we spoke with the skincare and beauty researchers at Callysee Cosmetics.

Here are the Top Healing Properties of Coffee they Shared with us:

#1 It Curbs Cancer

In moderate amounts, coffee seems to help reduce the risk of all types of cancers. Everything from rectal, colon, liver, breast, endometrial and skin cancer risk have been reduce in studies by moderate coffee consumption.


#2 It’s Good for Your Heart

A recent, massive study in the Netherlands showed that moderate coffee consumption lowered heart disease risk among 37,000 people. It appears that the inflammation-fighting antioxidants in coffee may play a major role here.


#3 It Boosts Mood and Memory

Coffee seems to help the brain in all kinds of ways, from boosting your memory and preventing Alzheimer’s disease to putting you in a better mood and curbing the impact of depression. It’s just another reason to fill up on that morning cup of Joe.


#4 It Can Help You Get to a Healthy Weight

Coffee seems to promote weight loss all on its own. It improves endurance and enhances recovery when used before and after excercise.


#5 It’s Great for Your Skin

As an ingredient in beauty products, it prevents wrinkles and repairs damage from those that have already occurred. Callyssee Cosmetics boosts coffee’s already great potential by using a high-octane organic green coffee extract (Coffea Arabica) in their line of skincare products.

Callyssee is a freshly brewed line of skincare infused with organic green coffee, a potent ingredient that repairs, nourishes, and renews your skin.

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