Is Tea or Coffee Better for the Skin?

Coffee Better for the Skin

Tea or coffee?  That is the question. We know how important these drinks are for social situations, and we believe they’re important for cosmetic reasons too. Both of these drinks each have their own nutritional benefits. They both share some types of nutrients, and health benefits. But which one is healthier for the body? Is coffee better for the skin or the other way around?There’s not a clear answer.

So, is Coffee Better for the Skin? Let’s see…

Tea is Full of Catechins

These are antioxidants that improve circulation and attack free radicals, to limit sun damage and reduce inflammation. Coffee has antioxidants that increase LDL resistance to oxidation, decrease inflammation, increase circulation, and improve the look of collagen.   

Coffee is More Popular… in the Americas

As far as the popularity of the two drinks, the Pew Research Center published a comparison of the popularity of the two drinks, in countries around the world. It includes documentation from The Economist, which shows countries where one drink was more popular than the other. It shows that coffee predominates in the Americas as well as in continental Europe, while tea is the drink of choice in most of Asia and Russia.

There’s More than Meets the Eye

Perhaps the answer is that one isn’t better than the other, but that both tea and coffee have proven health benefits that go far beyond what you see on your face and in the mirror.  A 2015 Harvard Study revealed that drinking between three and five cups of coffee a day may reduce the possibility that they’ll die prematurely (kind of a huge deal!).

The nutritional compounds in coffee, including the caffeine in the green coffee extract used in the skincare products we sell at Callyssee, are combined with oils to moisturize, aloe vera juice to fight the signs of aging, and ginseng root extract to boost collagen production.

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