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gold face mask

What Are The Benefits of A Gold Face Mask?

Why be jealous of Cleopatra when you can outshine her? It seems Cleopatra might’ve known a little something about gold face mask benefits. Sorry Cleo, but we’re onto you. All those stories about your radiant, glowing skin… It was gold all along! But we forgive Cleo because now that we know her secret, we all get…

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beauty routine

Should I Add Coffee To My Beauty Routine?

So you have a beauty routine and you’ve heard about the benefits of coffee. Coffee is one of those things that people can’t live without. But should it be in your skincare? Today we’ll share with you what we know. So Should You or Should You NOT Add Coffee To Your Beauty Routine? The question…

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best exfoliaton techniques

What are the Best Exfoliation Techniques?

You need to know and understand the best exfoliation techniques so that you can find the right one for your skin. There are several ways that you can rid your face and body of dead, dry skin. Here’s our list: Best Exfoliation Techniques Explained Mechanical Exfoliation: To perform mechanical exfoliation, you’ll use something in addition…

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Best Ways to Exfoliate the Body

What Are the Best Ways to Exfoliate the Body?

It’s one thing to say that you are going to exfoliate your body. But actually doing it in a manner that creates good results and leaves you with radiant, youthful skin is something else entirely. To be able to recommend the best ways to exfoliate the body, we spoke with the skincare and beauty researchers…

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home made coffee body scrub

How can I prepare a home made Coffee Body Scrub?

If you’re looking for a great coffee body scrub, you certainly can’t go wrong with one of the high-quality options from Callyssee Cosmetics.  Give their Buffing Beans Coffee Scrub a go. But if you ever want to switch it up a little—or are simply feeling crafty— we’ll teach you how to make your own home made…

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