Why Caffeine in Moisturizers Works

 Caffeine in Moisturizers

Caffeine in moisturizers isn’t something that you’ve probably heard much about; it’s not a topic that likely comes to the top of someone’s mind when they’re looking for a new moisturizing product to rejuvenate their skin.

But, caffeine is indeed a popular ingredient in a variety of skincare products, including moisturizers. Isn’t that a bit surprising?

It’s a diuretic

You’ve no doubt heard that caffeine is a diuretic, and isn’t all that healthy, but there are many benefits that can help you look youthful and radiant, with plump, fresh-looking skin.

Caffeine is just one ingredient in many of the products designed to make this impact. When combined with other ingredients, like aloe vera leaf juice, ginseng root extract, almond butter, or shea butter, caffeine from the Coffea Arabica Seed Extract can help you to have moisturized, radiant skin.

It Helps Fight Cellulite

It is a popular addition because it contains a chemical called theophylline. This is an ingredient often said to improve the look of cellulite. Caffeine reduces the amount of moisture inside the fat cells that constitute cellulite bumps.

Makes You Look More Radiant

When it comes to caffeine in facial skincare products, it may help you to look more moisturized and radiant. The reason for this is that it constricts blood vessels. This makes pores look smaller, because it dehydrates the pores, tightening the skin and making you look radiant.

It Fights Inflammation

The anti-inflammatory properties of caffeine, help to calm skin. They also reduce the damage from the elements, which helps to give the face and body a more moisturized look.

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