beauty routine

Should I Add Coffee To My Beauty Routine?

So you have a beauty routine and you’ve heard about the benefits of coffee. Coffee is one of those things that people can’t live without. But should it be in your skincare? Today we’ll share with you what we know. So Should You or Should You NOT Add Coffee To Your Beauty Routine? The question…

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Green Coffee Extract

Is Green Coffee Extract Good for You?

You’ve probably heard about green coffee extract before, mostly linked to its weight loss benefits. In recent years, the extract has become more popular for other reasons, and has become a go-to ingredient in skincare products. But before we get into that, we want to explain this popular extract a bit more. What Is Green…

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best exfoliaton techniques

What are the Best Exfoliation Techniques?

You need to know and understand the best exfoliation techniques so that you can find the right one for your skin. There are several ways that you can rid your face and body of dead, dry skin. Here’s our list: Best Exfoliation Techniques Explained Mechanical Exfoliation: To perform mechanical exfoliation, you’ll use something in addition…

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caffeine scrubs to soothe tired feet

Can You Use Caffeine Scrubs to Soothe Tired Feet?

Are your feet killing you? Have you considered caffeine scrubs to soothe tired feet?  Consider adding a caffeine scrub or moisturizer to your end-of-the day routine. It will relax your exhausted muscles.    There are many different reasons your feet might hurt at the end of the day, and there are ways to eliminate or…

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Coffee Better for the Skin

Is Tea or Coffee Better for the Skin?

Tea or coffee?  That is the question. We know how important these drinks are for social situations, and we believe they’re important for cosmetic reasons too. Both of these drinks each have their own nutritional benefits. They both share some types of nutrients, and health benefits. But which one is healthier for the body? Is…

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caffeine in moisturizers

What’s the big deal with caffeine in moisturizers?

If you’ve spent time walking the beauty care aisles over the past couple of years, you may have noticed caffeine is becoming a very popular ingredient. But why is there caffeine in moisturizers? Caffeine in moisturizers is becoming more common as the creators of various skincare lines realize what caffeine can do. So here’s the…

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Concealer hacks

Which are the Top Concealer Hacks?

Concealer is commonly used in order to cover dark under eye circles, spots of redness, hyperpigmentation and many other areas that a foundation isn’t capable of hiding. There are different types of concealer, which include hard or creamy consistency, with a regular or brush applicator, and in a stick, jar, or tube. Make you choice…

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