What’s The Best Way To Apply Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream?

anti wrinkle eye cream

So you’ve figured out your absolute favorite anti wrinkle eye cream, but you’re scared of burning your eyes out! Don’t worry, in this article, we’ve got you covered.

The Ring Finger

Different creams have different instructions, but here’s a pretty solid universal rule. When applying eye cream, use your ring finger. There are a few reasons. Many of us use our ring fingers for a variety of activities, including pointing, finger-painting, and many other activities. This means that we’ve built up a certain sensitivity in our ring finger that enables us to be more exact with our sense of touch. Simply place a dot of the eye cream under your eye, and be sure to move from the inner corner to the outer corner for best results.

The Press and Tap

This one is so easy to ignore because it’s so subtle and simple. When you apply an anti wrinkle cream for eyes, don’t rub it in. The safest and most effective way to apply the cream is by pressing and/or tapping. You can use a light patting motion under each eye. This helps you control your technique and get it to absorb in all the right places.


This is that final step where you get some extra detailing in. Once you’ve applied the cream to your skin, you might already begin to feel impressed with how your skin feels and looks. This may tempt you to simply rub it all over the outside of your eyes so you can just have the most perfect eyes ever now! Patience, my dear. To de-puff, simply use the same finger to gently tap the cream on the puffy areas of your eyes, and press the cream around the entire orbital eye bone.

Final Thoughts

Your eyes are precious. You need have well-functioning eyes so you can see the beauty all around you in addition to your own! This is why it’s important to follow the instructions outlined in this article, so you can have your cake and eat it too.

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