Adding Coffee to Your Beauty Routine Can Do What?

adding coffee to your skincare routine

You might want to consider adding coffee to your beauty routine. It does more than just get you moving in the mornings and improve your mood. Take a look at all the things caffeine can do for your looks, and grab that coffee quick:

It Can Lessen the Look of Rosacea

There’s a myth floating around that caffeine in coffee and other products can increase the risk of rosacea flare ups. But, the National Rosacea Society says that’s a little misleading. It’s not the caffeine in the drinks that’s to blame. It’s the temperature of those drinks.

Instead, a beauty routine that includes coffee can actually reduce the obviousness. This is because the caffeine makes blood vessels smaller, less red and visible.

It Smooths the Skin’s Texture

When a beauty routine includes a body scrub with coffee, the rough texture of the coffee grounds sloughs the skin, taking the dead skin that dulls the complexion, off the surface. It’s not just the antioxidants in the coffee that brighten the skin from the inside, but coffee works in multiple ways – from the inside and the outside, when applied regularly as part of one’s beauty routine.

It Lessens the Look of Cellulite

A coffee-including beauty routine can improve the look of cellulite for a number of reasons. This is because it smooths the skin, but also because caffeine has a diuretic effect. Caffeine can pull the water from the fat cells, causing them to look smaller and be less dimpled and noticeable. This is a temporary effect though, not a permanent one.

It Promotes Hair Growth

While antioxidants fight free radicals, most people don’t think of those free radicals as damaging to the hair on their heads, just their skin. But, free radicals can stunt hair growth. Because caffeine helps to minimize that damage, it makes it easier for hair to grow.

Also, caffeine is a common ingredient in many hair growth treatments, thanks to research that has shown that caffeine actually stimulates hair growth. It can also make your hair grow faster and longer.    

Next time someone comments on how much coffee you’re drinking, smile and tell them that you’re beautifying your skin and helping your hair grow longer and faster. If you’re looking for a caffeine-infused line of skincare products to help you look and feel gorgeous, check out Calyssee’s skincare products today.

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