4 Best Body Scrub Recipes

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There are certainly no shortage of body scrubs to try, from inexpensive drugstore options to high-end coffee scrubs from companies like Callyssee Cosmetics. But if you’re ever looking for a good weekend project, you can also mix your own simple and effective body scrub right at home. Here are the best body scrub recipes to give a whirl for a refreshing change of pace for your exfoliation routine.

4 Best Body Scrub Recipes

#1 Coffee & Sugar Scrub

Coffee and sugar are two hot (and effective) exfoliating agents right now, and you can get a great scrub by mixing equal parts coffee grounds and sugar (think a cup of each), and then half as much coconut oil (about a half cup). Add a bit of cinnamon and vanilla for aroma, and you’re good to go.

Coffee is especially great for the skin because it improves blood circulation and helps fight cellulite.

#2 Mint Sugar Scrub

Mint is another refreshing scrub ingredient, and you can combine it with sugar for another refreshing scrub. For this scrub, simply mix 1 part coconut oil with three parts sugar, and then add some peppermint extract for minty goodness. If desired, add a dash of green food coloring to give it the desired color.

#3 Citrus Salt Scrub

Like sugar, salt is a wonderful exfoliating agent for your body. You can mix 3 parts fine salt with 1 part almond oil, and then add essential oils like grapefruit or peppermint to give it a wonderful aroma while it scrubs away your imperfections.

#4 Oatmeal Scrub

Oatmeal is another great exfoliator that also nourishes and moisturizes the skin. Start with finely ground oats, and then add drops of essential oils like lavender, tangerine, chamomile or rosewood to give it a great scent and a nice consistency to use for your body scrub. This one is effective and very soothing for dry or sensitive skin.

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