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Does Coffee Cause Breakouts?

When drinking coffee, are you risking your skin to break out? Are the two things truly linked? Today we will venture into this tricky subject to unveil the truth: does coffee cause breakouts? We will see… Does Caffeine Cause Acne? The question is controversial, and the answer depends on who you ask, and when you…

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stay ageless

How Can I Stay Ageless?

We all want to stay ageless. It’s often easy to spot the stars who trying too hard to stay young-looking. We can see how they’ve overdone it with surgery or other procedures so they don’t look the way we remember them. But other stars seem to be immune to the passage of time. We’re used…

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Soothe Tired Feet

Can Use Caffeine Scrubs Soothe Tired Feet?

We get it. You’ve had a long day, but you’re home and it’s finally over. Did you know that adding a caffeine to your routine can help soothe tired feet?   There are many different reasons your feet might hurt at the end of the day, and there are ways to eliminate or reduce that ache. Often,…

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